The Creator


The Nightmerriment Man

Meet M.R. Hopkins and his world full of monsters.


M.R. Hopkins

For generations the Hopkins name has been synonymous with the hunting of monsters. Nightmerriment Manor, the family's ancestral home, looms from a hilltop, the halls lined with trophies of battles won. The current caretaker of Nightmerriment Manor is M. R. Hopkins, who was left on the doorstep as an infant. He came into possession of the grounds at age thirteen when the family suffered a fatal encounter with a particularly foul creature. After his parents' untimely demise, M. R. decided to reinvent the Hopkins legacy. Defying the antiquated practices his family had upheld for generations, M. R. became instead the guardian of monsters. Now he hunts to tame the beasts and creatures lurking in our world. In the cupboards, under the stairs, these monsters like to hide. Hidden in places they think are sly for M. R. Hopkins to find.