Monsterpalooza! Here we come!

Nightmerriment will be at Monsterpalooza in Pasadena April 7-9! We're very excited to be coming to Monsterpalooza for the first time! We had the pleasure of being part of Son of Monsterpalooza last fall and it was one of the best experiences we've had as artists and fans of monsters! Now Nightmerriment is bringing some new creatures from deep in the Darkenrot Forest to Pasadena! Check out www.monsterpalooza.com for all the details! We will see you there!

New monster plushies!


Meet the NEW Nightmerriment monster fiends!! This new plushy design is available in 2 sizes and 4 colors and is now available in our Etsy shop! This first batch is happily inhabiting Gargoyles Statuary in Seattle and all Etsy orders will be made to order! The link is in our bio for more information on how to adopt. Your monster fiend can't wait to meet you!!




Just a fuzzy little head's up! We've updated our listing on Etsy for our posable micro monsters. We now have 4 sizes available! Each monster is unique and made to order. If you see one you like that we've posted, or just have a question, shoot us a message on Instagram, Etsy, Facebook, or email us at creatures@nightmerriment.com. We both answer messages and emails so you will probably get a response very quickly. If you've fallen in love with a monster that is no longer available we can always make you one that is similar. They each have their own personalities so yours will be your very own monster! The link to our Etsy page is in our profile. And just another note! We are updating our plushy listing soon! So more cuddly plush monster fiends coming soon! โ˜๏ธ๐Ÿ‘นโ˜๏ธ

"Arcendum Malum" at Gargoyles Statuary in Seattle

Arcendum Malum: To Ward off Evil

Much like gargoyles and witch's familiars, Nightmerriment Nyxidium are protective creatures. They are skilled in the arts of warding off malicious spirits, demons, and creatures of any kind that may induce harm. Each Nyxidiae chooses a particular path of esoteric knowledge on which to focus. Be it divinations, rituals, natural ephemera, or alchemy, the Nyxidium are meticulous in their scholarship of protective practices. Once befriended by a human companion, they are tenacious guardians of their keepers. 

PoBoy Art grand opening!

Poboy art is having it's grand opening in its new location, 5444 SE Foster, Portland OR. tonight (Saturday, June 11th) from 5 to 10pm. Nightmerriment will be there creating mischief! Come creep on us and adopt a monster or two!

Instagram Giveaway


2K GIVEAWAY: Win this fire demon monster head for Nightmerriment's first giveaway!

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4. Tag 2 fiends

Once we reach 2,000 followers we will draw a winner at random using your reposts.Thank you all for your support!

Digital Smoke PDX


We have lots of micro monsters up for sale at Digital Smoke PDX on Sandy Blvd! So next time you need vape supplies and monsters you can knock them both off the list in one foul, foul swoop. 


It's officially Spring and we've got our hands full of fresh baby monsters! For today only, we are offering 15% off all adoption fees on Etsy. Click the photo below for a link to our store and use coupon code SPRINGEQUINOX16 at checkout. 

Updates! New Monsters!

We are toiling away here at Nightmerriment Manor. Sandwitched between cats, updating the site, and getting some new monsters out into the real world. 


Nightmerriment at the Goodfoot!

Hello fiends! Nightmerriment invites You to the Goodfoot Lounge!  You will see creatures that astound and excite your imagination. You will see the biggest DUCK-FACED-GIRAFFE-MONKEY-BAT you've ever seen! Guaranteed! AND ITS ALL FOR SALE! And it's at a bar so there's beer too. There is an opening reception Last Thursday, February 25. Have a drink, meet the monsters, adopt one if you dare!

Nightmerriment at Alberta Abbey

Hello Fiends! Alberta Abbey is hosting the Nightmerriment creatures! Some of the more cuddly monsters are having a visit. There will be a semi-monthly rotating cast of Nightmerriment faces for your viewing pleasure. As always, adopt one if you dare!